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Raddusch ohne Wasser?

An art-science festival in the Spreewald

In the summer of 2023, a small harbour in the middle of the Spreewald became a research site, a theatre stage and a village festival. The Naturhafen Raddusch was the focus of over fifteen artists and scientists who situated their exploration and experimentation into the waterscape. Workshops and residencies provided spaces for transdisciplinary collaboration, resulting in installations, performances and audio works. 

The collection of multimodal works was then showcased in a two-day festival of arts and sciences directly in the harbour titled ‘Raddusch ohne Wasser?’. The festival invited local residents, tourists, friends and family to engage with the works within the context of climate change and water scarcity. Afterwards, the art pieces, as well as the stories, ideas and impressions were loaded onto a traditional Spreewald Kahn and sailed down over 100 kilometres down the river Spree to the capital city …

Project Gallery

Artistic direction by Maximilian Grünewald with project coordination by Pauline Münch. It featured works by Diane Barbé, Klemens Czurda, Jonas Dahm, Desirée Hetzel, Julia Ihls,  Manfred Kliche, Steven Lehmann, Camila Ivana Vargas Pardo, Marius Probst, Gabriel Nyantakyi, Omar Sherif, Zora Ritz, Oliver Rossol, Patricia Usée.

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