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Hydrophilic Artefact for an Archaeology for the Future

Ash wood, COB-LEDs, powerbank, metal

A cube of light – nine, stele-like structures rise vertically, narrow on one side, tapering to an elongated paddle blade on the other. These so-called 'Rudel' are traditionally made of ash wood and serve as a means of transport on the water canals and rivers in the Spreewald. For the installation "Hydrophilic artefact for an archaeology of the future", Surreal Labor transformed the 4.20 m long paddles into filigree light objects that can be freely arranged in the room. The recessed light strips not only mark the current water level of Raddusch's natural harbour (2 metres, as of 09/23), but also serve as an elegiac testimony to a present that – in view of the increasing water scarcity and the dwindling level of the Spree – may soon be history.

Project Gallery


The collective SurrealLabor – consisting of Andreas Hölldorfer, Julia Ihls and Marius Probst – researches and works at the intersection of art, bio-design and digital media. With the question of what visions a society of the future can produce, it simultaneously challenges the boundaries of the status quo through artistic-spatial interventions.

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