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Sounds from the Spreewald

HAFEN / FLIEß (13'00)

Two different water bodies from the Raddusch area show us the contrasts of underwater life: on the one hand, the quiet green Radduscher Hafen, and on the other side, the brown Kahnsdorfer Fliess Wasserbehandlungsanlage, where the iron-heavy waters get treated by active photosynthesising plants. These recordings are not edited and were realised using hydrophones (underwater microphones) in August 2023.


Encounters –with a Kahnfahrer, a beaver, a Schleusenwerter, an anthropologist– carry us softly through the Oberespreewald on the quiet canals of the Radduscher Hafen, through the engineered waterways and sluices (Schleuse) of the Hauptspree, and dives underwater in the Wasserbehandlungsanlage of Kahnsdorfer Fliess near Schwarze Berg in Raddusch. These four scenes emerge from recordings made in August 2023 on land, aboard a kayak, and in the water with a hydrophone (water microphone). They present a kind of "movie with no images" where the sounds guide us and dive into contemporary questions surrounding the Spreewald.

Project Gallery

Diane Barbé

Combining experimental music, biophonic research and activism, Diane explores human and non-human worlds through sound. Based in Berlin since 2015, she works at the intersection of ecology and music, using field recording as well as electronic and acoustic instruments. Her debut album "a conference of critters", released in October 2022 on the Berlin-based phonography label forms of minutiae, was created exclusively from field recordings collected during the pandemic in Thailand, and plays with the sonic appearance and disappearance of the artist in the recorded sounds. She is currently working on an ensemble of wind instruments, percussion, bird calls, and small sound devices called The Alien Kin, with which she explores the playful and ineffable spaces of communication between species and non-human languages. Diane is committed to an anti-exclusive musical practice and maintains close ties to DIY, feminist, and rural scenes that draw vitality and energy from and feed back into popular culture. She is committed to collaborating with dancers, dreamers, sound makers, image makers, poets, pipers, and all other kinds of creatures.

Jonas Dahm

Jonas explores a continuum of sound and music through research, journalism and art. Based in Berlin, he has worked on themes from pop music to jazz for outlets such as Deutschlandfunk Kultur and is currently pursuing a PhD in musicology, tracing practices along and beyond human logics, possibilities of nomadic subjectivity and entangled aesthetics.

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