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The Fairy Tale of the Giant Sprejnik

A re-imagined tale from the Spreewald...

The giant Sprelnik is not only the namesake of the river Spree, but also a great friend to mankind. But his generosity has its dark side. We tell the old legend in a new guise on the banks of the river...

Far before the scientific method, myths and legends were part of a body of knowledge that stored people's experiences and gave meaning to the world. In these narratives, not only humans have the ability to act, but also rivers, forests and other elements. This expansion to include non-human actors seems fantastic to us today — but it is precisely this view beyond Anthropocentrism (the notion of human superiority) that is worthwhile. Especially at a time when nature reminds us humans in catastrophic ways that not only humans have agency.

Project Gallery

Maximilian Grünewald

Maximilian is an actor and freelance dramaturg and received his training at the "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" Academy of Music and Theater in Leipzig. This was followed by engagements at the Staatstheater in Karlsruhe and Hanover. In his work he is concerned with human/non-human relations as well as the dramatization of scientific discourses. In 2020, he co-founded the collective ANTHROPOS EX. The collective seeks ways to give a stage to non-human actors, experimenting with methods from theater, film, the visual arts, and the natural sciences. This has led to collaborations with students from the ETH (ZH), the ZHdK (ZH) and the HFG Karlsruhe, among others. In close collaboration with scientists, artists and residents of the Spreewald village Raddusch, Maximilian Grünewald developed the artistic concept of "River Stories".

Sven Daniel Bühler 

Sven is a German actor, radio play narrator and musician. He features in radio plays on NDR and SWR. Sven has been working as an actor since 2015, for example in the feature film Los Veganeros.  In 2021, Sven Daniel Bühler could be seen in a continuous leading role called "Sven" in Ich dich auch!, a sitcom comedy series on ZDFneo. Sven plays several instruments and works as a musician at German theaters, and created the music for the the Spreewald production.

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