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River Stories

Event and installation within Art-Science Forum of the Berlin Science Week

After a two-day festival in the village of Raddusch, the transdisciplinary art works, as well as the stories, ideas and impressions were presented within the Art-Science Forum of the Berlin Science Week. Displaying the works inspired by the Spreewald to the new audience downstream, River Stories asked what it meant to bring these impressions and representations from one place to another? Whose stories were heard and whose were lost? Which possibilities exist beyond anthropocentric-storytelling to include more-than human actors? These questions remain open — as does the Spree and all its dimensions. River Stories aims to continue to create spaces for transdisciplinary collaboration and further develop in new contexts. 

Project Gallery

Artistic direction by Maximilian Grünewald with project coordination by Pauline Münch. It featured works by Diane Barbé, Klemens Czurda, Jonas Dahm, Desirée Hetzel, Julia Ihls,  Manfred Kliche, Steven Lehmann, Camila Ivana Vargas Pardo, Marius Probst, Gabriel Nyantakyi, Omar Sherif, Zora Ritz, Oliver Rossol, Patricia Usée.

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